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Please fill in the name you are interested in and press the "Check" button
Timing Few Minutes Max 5 days More Details
DNS service FREE for life FREE for life More Details
URL Redirect FREE for life FREE for life More Details
Min/Max year 1/10 1/9 More Details
No. max registrable domains Unlimited Unlimited More Details
Required Documentation No No More Details
NS Verification No No More Details
Local Presence No No More Details
Restrictions Please see below Please see below More Details

General Info about .MOBI domain names (Generic Top Level Domain)

- Anyone can register .MOBI domains
- All letters "a" to "z" without distinguishing between uppercase and lowercase are accepted;
- All numbers from "0" to "9" are allowed;
- Hyphens (-) are allowed but not at the begin or end in your domain name and you can't put 2 consecutives hyphens (--);
- The minimum length of the domain name is 3 characters extension (.MOBI) excluded;
- The maximum length of the domain name is 63 characters extension (.MOBI) excluded;

Required Documentation .mobi domains

No paper documentation is required.

Resistration times .mobi domains

Some minutes from the Payment acceptation in working time.

Free DNS management for .mobi domains

Full control to manage the DNS records of the associated domains. DNS servers are globally distributed with a highly redundant structure. you can edit SOA, A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, and NS records.
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Free Url Redirect .mobi domains

Visitors who will digitize the domain name will be redirected to another web space / URL. URL redirects are of two types:
1. Forwarding URLs : Redirects the domain name to another web address; in the address bar will read; the destination address.
2. Alias : Point the domain name to a hosting plan already purchased on; the address bar will continue to read the domain name
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.MOBI domain names registration terms

The registration term of a domain name may not exceed 10 years at any given time

Maximum number of allowed .MOBI domain names


.MOBI domain names NS configuration

It s not needed to preset the Nameserver before registering the domain, the nameservers must be between 2 and 13; it s not required the Nameservers to reside in different subnets. In case you don t put the Nameservers in the Profile during the Registration Process, Ormag ones will be used and you can change them at anytime.

Local Presence for .MOBI domain names

Not required. (where??)

.MOBI domain names restrictions

There are no restrictions.

.MOBI domain names Transfer

Retrieve from the current Provider the Authorization Code (Download Code, Authcode or EPP Key); - No paperwork is required;
- The domain must be registered / renewed / transferred for at least 60 days;
- The domain should not be blocked by the current registrar, otherwise request unlocking;
- The e-mail address of the Registrant and Admin-C contacts must be active and reachable;
- It is advisable to request domain transfer at least 2 months before expiration
- NEWS TRANSFER: Following the last changes made to the GDPR (from 25 May 2018), during the transfer of the generic domains, the confirmation email will no longer be sent to the address of the Administrative contact. Therefore, the transfer will take place after approximately 5-7 days at most, considering the time required by the regulation for approval by the transferor Registrar, always if the EPP code is correct.


- for the change of the name / surname, company and email address, the confirmation of the old and new account holder will be requested.

If both do not confirm within 60 days, the change will not go away good luck If both will confirm, the required changes will be made within 24 hours

- with the activation / deactivation of the Privacy Protection service a simple notification email will be sent to the Registrant contact.

insert the domain name to be trasferred

Rename .mobi domains

We may renew the .mobi domains up to 35 days after the expiration.
In the following 30 years the renewal will be charged with a penalty of 70, imposed by the Competent Authorities that is ordinate here

As of January 15, 2014, in the following cases, checks on the header data will be carried out by the respective authorities:
- registering a domain by a new user; - transferring a domain; - change of Registrant data during the maintenance period When registration / transfer is completed verr & agrave; sent an email from Ormag (in English with the object "RAA verification mail ") to the address of the Registrant requesting the confirmation of the header data by clicking on a link, thus allowing completion of the verification.
You must confirm the email within 15 days of receipt (if not confirmed, the same email will be sent after 7 and 14 days). If the Registrant does not complete the control over time, the domain will be verr & agrave; deactivated by changing nameservers and verr & agrave; re-directed to a page explaining the reason for deactivation by inviting the Registrant to contact his Provider to complete the verification of the data.
If the Registrant & egrave; gi & agrave; possessing a domain and header data are always the same, they will not be; sent verification email

CAUTION: none of our contracts provide for automatic (silent) service renewal. About two months before the deadline you will be contacted by Ormag via email to decide whether or not to renew the services provided by us


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