Certified Electronic Mail (PEC)

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Certified Electronic Mail (PEC)

Email PEC

1 Certified Mailbox
Web Mail: Including
Number of items: Unlimited
Available space per box 1 Gb
Maximum message size: 30 MB
Antivirus and Antispam: Including

PEC package
Domain registration: including
Domain certification: including
PEC Boxes: 3
Web Mail: Including
Number of items: Unlimited
Space available for 1 Gb box Maximum message size: 30 MB
Antivirus and Antispam: Including

Additional Web Space - € 7
1GB of extra web space (per box)

The Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) & egrave; a new tool to send and receive emails securely.
Besides being mandatory for companies, professionals and public administrations, it brings many advantages:

  • - You will no longer receive spam or junk mail, as the inbox before receiving the message will verify that the sender is certified
  • - Messages from "non-PEC" emails can be forwarded to another desired email address.
  • - The PEC has legal value and can replace the registered ones
  • - The delivery of the email is guaranteed, in case it is not possible to deliver the message a notification is sent to the sender
  • - Possibility to consult it from any PC via webmail
  • - Is configurable with all email programs (Outlook, Thunderbird, Incredimail, Mac OS X Mail)


Documents required to activate Certified Mail:

Photocopy of the identity card or passport
Complete and sign the form of PEC activation that you find here
To complete the activation of the PEC box & egrave; necessary send two documents listed above to fax number 178 2234860 or scanned by PEC email

Optional Services
Sending SMS when receiving an email
Customized solutions for public bodies

Ask for information in chat or by calling 0833 281213

The holder of the PEC box can access the system via Webmail (recommended) , both by configuring your account in the mail program favorite electronics (Outlook, Thunderbird, Incredimail, Mac OS X Mail ...).

At the time of activation, A welcome e-mail is sent to the user at the address email not PEC indicated in the contract, where they are reported all the parameters for a correct access configuration to the system through more used mail clients.

Password: •••••••• (it is an 8-digit alphanumeric code)
Incoming mail server address (POP3):
Outgoing mail server address (SMTP):
Port numbers of incoming mail server (POP3): 995
Port numbers of outgoing mail server (SMTP): 465

Furthermore, in addition to the traditional configuration for unaudited boxes, you will have to select, in Settings Advanced of the different mail programs, the following options:
- Server authentication required - The server needs a secure connection (SSLiv)

Available Extensions
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