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Pre-installed Wordpress Blog

Control Panel Blog
WordPress Admin
Web space 500 Mb (extensible)
Band 5 GB per month (extensible)
5 Email Addresses
Spam filter comments
UpLoad of images
Automatic Update

The package comes with your blog already installed and running
You can immediately login as an administrator, write your blog and choose the graphics.
The cost is 5 € + VAT per month, to which must be added the cost of the domain you have chosen

if you want to try a working example click on the following links:

- Frontend demo
- Admin Demo
Username: admin Password:demo
In the demo the following functions have been disabled for security reasons:
- Editing (modifying) pages of templates
- Installation templates/plugins
The features are obviously available in the installed blogs


The term “BLOG“, abbreviation of “WEBLOG“, it indicates particular websites that have a strong connotation chronological information.
Topics covered in a BLOG can be personal or more general topics, and you can decide if treat a single topic or several.

The common characteristics of BLOG:
• A main page, where the various articles are organized in categories and displayed in chronological order (from the most recent to the oldest);
• An archive of older, structured articles according to date (daily archives, annual monthly). The archives can also be consulted on the basis of specific categories;
• The possibility for BLOG visitors to comment the articles, to create links or to report them to others people;
• A list of links to other websites sorted by categories, called blogroll, which the author of the BLOG considers valid and interesting. Generally, the links shown in the Blogroll address to BLOG dealing with topics common.

The package is provided as described above, any changes concerning it are not the responsibility of Ormag the graphic of the site.

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