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Linux Hosting

Domain Registration Included
Control panel: Direct Admin
Web free space: 300 Megs
Bandwidth 5 Gigs /monthly
Mailboxes 10
MailBox space 500 Mb
MySql DataBase 1
DataBase Access
DNS management
FTP Access
File Manager
Supported languages
Front Page Extensions
Python GD Libraries

The hosting plan "Linux Enter" is the entry-level bundle for users preferring/needing Linux.
It is just EUR 30 yearly.
It does supports all web / scripting languages (html, xml, asp,, php, perl, python, cgi) and also offers the ability to manage the site through FrontPage. It comes with 5 Mailboxes, and everything can be managed through the Direct Admin control panel.

Included in this bundle
Est. Front page
Est. Front Page

Installatron allows you to install all most known webapps and "automagically" update them to the last Versions
Installable Webapps list:
- Aardvark Topsites statistics
- Advanced Guestbook guestbook Applications Community
- Advanced Poll Polls and Statistics
- Blesta - Invoicing
- Clientexec - Invoicing
- Code Igniter ambienti di lavoro Content Management Systems
- Contact Form email Varioous
- Concrete 5 (cms)
- Coppermine galleria fotografica Immagini e files
- Coranto ambienti di lavoro Content Management Systems
- Crafty Syntax Live Help supporto e-Commerce e-Business
- CubeCart 2.x e-commerce e-Commerce e-Business
- Dolibarr - Affari
- Dotclear - Blog
- Drupal cms Content Management Systems
- e107 portale Content Management Systems
- Elgg (Gruppo di lavoro)
- Efront - elearning
- Feed On Feeds rss Varie
- Gallery 2 galleria fotografica Immagini e files
- Getsimple - CMS
- GBook guestbook Applicazioni della Community
- Help Center Live supporto e-Commerce e-Business
- Koken - Galleria fotografica
- iTron Clock orologio Varie
- Joomla portale Content Management Systems
- Livehelperchat
- LimeSurvey sondaggio/questionario Sondaggi e Statistiche
- Magento e-commerce e-Commerce e-Business
- Mambo portale Content Management Systems
- Moodle educativi Content Management Systems
- Noah's Classifieds pubblicità e-Commerce e-Business
- ocPortal portale Content Management Systems
- Openbiblio - Ricerca
- OpenCart (e-commerce)
- Openrealestate - Affari
- Osclass (pubblicità, annunci)
- osCommerce e-commerce e-Commerce e-Business
- Omeka - CMS
- osTicket supporto e-Commerce e-Business
- phpBB forum Applicazioni della Community
- phpBB 2.0 forum Applicazioni della Community
- phpCOIN invoicing e-Commerce e-Business
- phpESP sondaggio/questionario Sondaggi e Statistiche
- php File Manager files
- phpFormGenerator forms Varie
- phpMyChat chat
- phpMyCounter statistiche
- phpLinkDirectory bookmarks Varie
- PHPLinks bookmarks Varie
- phpMyFAQ faqs e-Commerce e-Business
- PHProjekt gruppo di lavoro Applicazioni della Community
- Phpscheduleit (Calendario)
- phpShop e-commerce e-Commerce e-Business
- Pivot blog Content Management Systems
- Pydio
- Piwigo (Galleria fotografica)
- Piwik (Statistiche)
- Power File Manager files Immagini e files
- PrestaShop e-commerce e-Commerce e-Business
- Projectsend
- Search Engine Project ricerca Varie
- Simple Invoices (Gruppo di lavoro)
- Simple Machines Forum forum Applicazioni della Community
- Simple Poll sondaggio/questionario Sondaggi e Statistiche
- SiteBar bookmarks Varie
- Site Recommender email Varie
- Soholaunch cms Content Management Systems
- Subrion - Portale
- SugarCRM supporto e-Commerce e-Business
- SugarCRM legacy supporto e-Commerce e-Business
- Textpattern (Blog, CMS)
- Tikiwiki (Portale/CMS)
- Vanilla (Forum)
- Wallabag - Segnalibri
- Webid - Ecommerce
- WebCalendar calendario Applicazioni della Community
- WebCards e-cards Varie
- WordPress blog Content Management Systems
- XMB Forum forum Applicazioni della Community
- Xoops portale Content Management Systems
- Zazavi (Portale)
- Zen Cart e-commerce e-Commerce e-Business
- Zikula portale Content Management Systems
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